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X-Carve Upgrade Kit

Makes your X-Carve faster, more rigid, and more accurate

X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade Kit
Price Description

Product Details


Bundle and save with this ultimate X-Carve Upgrade Kit. Increase your X-Carve’s rigidity, torque, and material removal rate—3+ times faster—in just 2 1/2 hours. Reduce chatter and increase accuracy with these rock-solid upgrades to take your X-Carve to the next level!

  • Nearly doubles the carvable work area of your X-Carve
    • Increases gantry clearance from 2.5” to 4.5”
    • Increases maximum pass-through sheet width from 34.75” to 37”
  • Improve your material removal rate by 3x
  • Upgrades motors for more than 50% more torque
  • Replaces the 6mm wide 2GT belts with 9mm wide 3GT belts
  • Improves accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce adjustments and maintenance needs
  • Unique shape prevents potential interference with dust boot when machine is at XY home
  • Keeps shavings within the work area of the machine

NOTE: 2015 Model X-Carve Machines (purchased before Sept. 2016) will need updated X, Y1, Y2, and Z stepper motor cable assemblies.

Technical Data


Belt Upgrades

9mm 3GT belting (3.5 meters)

9mm belt clips (6)

9mm belt sleeves (6)

9mm wide belt idlers (6)

Stepper Motor Upgrades

212 oz-in NEMA 23 stepper motors (4) for 50% more torque

Z-Axis Upgrades

Direct Drive Z Axis Upgrade

2” Risers (4)

Acrylic dust guards (8)

Installation time

Around 2 1/2 hours

Material Removal Rate

Typically 3x improvement from stock X-Carve

Installation Instructions

Available here

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What if I just need the Belt Upgrade Kit or the Z-Axis Upgrade Kit?

All improvements are listed for the entire bundle. We only recommend purchasing part of the bundle if you already have the other upgraded components. The Belt Upgrade Kit can be purchased separately here and the Z-Axis Upgrade Kit can be purchased separately here.

Will the upgrade kit work with pre-2016 X-Carve Kits?

To get the most out of this upgrade, we highly recommend using the X-Controller Kit and the Wide Makerslide. While the new stepper motors can be run on the original g-shield controller, you will not be getting the full benefit from the upgraded motors.