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Shapeoko Dual Drive Kit

Edward Ford

Project by

Edward Ford

General Information

All parts required to change your Shapeoko from a single gantry drive to a dual drive.

Adding a second drive allows you to cut harder materials, such as aluminum and hardwoods, along with giving you more accurate results on all materials.

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Material Description Price
Flat Washer

Flat Washer

Finish: Zinc Plated, I.D.: 3.2mm, O.D.: 7mm, Quantity: 10, Thickness: 0.45mm - 0.55mm


Flat Washer

Flat Washer

Finish: Zinc Plated, O.D.: 10mm, I.D.: 5.3mm, Thickness: 0.9mm - 1.1mm, Quantity: 10


Hex Nuts

Hex Nuts

Width: 8mm, Height: 4mm, Pitch: 0.8mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Width: M5

Mending Bracket

Mending Bracket (×2)

Length: 2.0 in, Width: 0.5 in, Type: Bracket, Bracket Type: Mending

MXL Belting - Open Ended

MXL Belting - Open Ended (×2)

Pitch: 0.08 in, Width: 0.25 in, Length: 12 in (shipped uncut if more than 1' is ordered)

Nylon Natural Color Spacer (M5)

Nylon Natural Color Spacer (M5)

Length: .25 in, O.D.: .312 in

Plastic MXL Pulley - Dual Flange

Plastic MXL Pulley - Dual Flange

Bore: 5 mm, Teeth: 18

Red Cable Tie

Red Cable Tie

Type: Cable Ties, Length: 4 in, Quantity: 10, Tensile Strength: 18, Color: Red


Smooth Idler Wheel

Smooth Idler Wheel (×2)

Kit includes 1 smooth idler, 2 ball bearings and 1 precision shim washer.

Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw

Length: 6mm, Pitch: 0.5mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Size: M3

Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw

Length: 30mm, Pitch: 0.8mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Size: M5


Stepper Motor - NEMA 17

Stepper Motor - NEMA 17

Lead Time: In stock, Holding Torque: 62 oz/in

Stepper Motor Cable

Stepper Motor Cable (×3)

Length: 1 ft, Category: Accessory, Type: Cable

Terminal Block

Terminal Block

Positions: 4


This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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The Shapeoko dual drive upgrade kit allows your machine to cut harder materials at a faster feed rate by evenly distributing the power across the gantry.


Identify the required parts

In this step we’ll look at each of the parts required to complete the upgrade.


Removing the Gantry from the frame

In this step we’ll remove the gantry from the machine’s main frame. Once the gantry is removed, we can easily add our upgrade parts.


Attach the Stepper Motors

In this step we’ll use our four M3x6mm socket head cap screws to mount the stepper motor to the motor mount plate.


Attach Smooth Idlers and Pulley

In this step we will attach the two smooth idlers to the motor mount plate, and the pulley onto the stepper motor shaft.


Final Assembly

In this step we’ll put the gantry back on the machine’s frame, string the new belt, and talk about electrical wiring options.

Ed Powers
Great explanation. Detailed and easy to understand. Any chance you could either show the wiring process at the end, or at least take some photos of the configuration once wired? As a rookie, I worry about doing damage to the motors or gantry with incorrect wiring... Thank you!
Ed Powers
Scott Orlando
Do you have the parts list for the duel gantry setup?
Scott Orlando