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Smooth Idler Wheel

Adds an adjustable idler wheel to a linear motion system

Smooth Idler Wheel
  • Smooth Idler Wheel
  • Smooth Idler Wheel
  • Smooth Idler Wheel
Price Part Number Qty Belt Width
$5.99 1 6.35 mm
$52.49 10 6.35 mm
$5.99 1 9 mm

Product Details

This is double bearing, Delrin, smooth idler wheel. It uses (2) 5×16×5 bearings and a precision shim washer. This is perfect for adding an adjustable idler wheel to your system. It has very low runout, so it will run wobble free. The mating bracket is very simple with only a 5mm hole required.

The idler wheel diameter does not usually need to match your drive pulley diameter. The belt can run a triangle or more complicated path as long as one side is parallel to the axis you are driving.

Here is a link to the technical drawing for the smooth idler.

Technical Data


Kit includes 1 smooth idler, 2 ball bearings and 1 precision shim washer.



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Technical Drawing