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Inlay Cutting Board

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Sumanth Shekar

Project by

Sumanth Shekar
Chicago, USA

General Information

Maple cutting board with carrot shaped inlays made of Padauk and Wenge.

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Material Description Price
Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue - 4 oz



6" × 12" × 1/8" Padauk


Soft Maple - Hardwood Type

Soft Maple - Hardwood Type (×2)

Thickness: 3/4 in, Dimensions: 6 in × 12 in




6" × 12" × 1/8" Wenge

Wood Finishing Kit

Wood Finishing Kit

Sanding block, 16 oz bottle of food-safe wood oil and cotton application cloth don't use 2

This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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Prep and glue maple pieces

First, you need to make sure the two ends that you are going to join are parallel. You can do this by cutting off a thin slice with a table saw or you could use a jointer. Then add wood glue to the mating ends and clamp them. While clamping, place the boards on a flat sheet of wood separated by a sheet of paper and clamp from the sides. Then place another sheet of paper and a piece of wood on top of the maple and then something heavy. This will ensure that the two boards are flat and not warped while clamping.


Carve the maple board

Clamp the maple board in the machine, and use a 1/16" bit to carve out the shape of the carrot.

Next, change the bit to a 1/4" round nose bit and carve out the juice strip


Carve out the Padauk

Using double sided tape and clamps clamp the Padauk in the machine. Using a 1/16" bit carve out the carrot body.

The double-sided tape ensures the pieces cut out don’t break away because it doesn’t have tabs to hold it in.

Remove the double sided tape and lightly sand the inlay.


Carve out the Wenge

Using double sided tape and clamps clamp the Padauk in the machine. Using a 1/16" bit carve out the carrot head.


Assembly, Sanding and Finishing

Place the two inlays over the cutout in the maple and ensure that they are the right size. If the carrot top is a little bigger and overlaps the carrot base, lightly sand until they no longer overlap.

Next, put a thin layer of glue in the cutout in Maple board and then gently tap the inlays into the cutout using a rubber mallet. Let the glue set for 24 hours.

Using a palm sander sand the top of the board to make sure the inlay is flush with the top. Sand the edges and corner of the board as well.

Lastly, use mineral oil to finish the cutting board.