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Car Hooks

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PR Smith

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PR Smith

General Information

A nice set of hooks that can be used to hang up coats or backpacks.

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Material Description Price
Grey Expanded PVC Sheet

Grey Expanded PVC Sheet

12" × 12" × 1/8" Grey Expanded PVC Sheet


Red MDF Sheet

Red MDF Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 3/8 in, Color: Red, Type: MDF

This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

from Inventables


Set up Easel Project.

The referenced Easel project contains both parts of the car hooks. Select everything except the car outline and copy it to a new project. You will use the original file to cut the car outline and the new project to cut the front of the car.


Cut the Car outline.

Starting with the car outline project, confirm you material thickness. Secure the MDF to the wasteboard using clamps or double sided tape. Since this project was designed to maximize the use of the 8 × 12 MDF, using tape might be best here.


Cut the front of the car.

Confirm the thickness of the material for the front of the car. I used the PVC sheets and they all varied in thickness. Secure the sheet to the waste board using double sided tape, blue tape, or clamps. I found that blue tape worked fine as long as you placed it in areas that would not get cut away.


Sand and finish the car body.

I lightly sanded all of the edges of the MDF that were the car body. I then applied a spray lacquer to provide some protection and some shine.


Attach the hooks and glue on the front.

The last step is to glue on the front and attach the hooks. I used 5 minute epoxy to bond the front to the car. Spread it very thin after mixing and try not to get it too close to the edges. Any glue that squeezes out won’t look very good. I just placed a few heavy objects on top to let the glue dry. Make sure you don’t accidentally glue anything to your car though.

Then I drilled pilot holes to attach the hooks with screws.

I used standard picture hangers on the back to hang it on the wall.


Make it your own.

You could customize this to your liking by adding some reflective material for the windshield or carving a name or initials there as well.