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3d printer large format w / makerslide


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General Information


> 3D printer GREEN
– Filtration of fumes
– Waste recovery

> Max volume printing:
15 × 20 × 22 inch
> autonomous
> Double printhead
> Multi materials

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Material Description Price
Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Clear

Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Clear (×15)

Finish: Clear Anodized, Height: 20 mm, Length: 1000 mm, Width: 20 mm


Arduino Mega 2560 R3

Arduino Mega 2560 R3

Type: Mega 2560, Revision: R3

Dual Bearing V-Wheel Kit

Dual Bearing V-Wheel Kit

Type: Wheels, Qty: 20 Pack

GT2 Belting - Open Ended

GT2 Belting - Open Ended (×20)

Width: 6.35mm, Pitch: 2mm, Length: 1 ft


MakerSlide (×5)

Length: 1000mm, Color: Clear Anodized, Ends: Not Tapped

Motor Mount, NEMA 17 or 23

Motor Mount, NEMA 17 or 23 (×3)

Material: Aluminum, Color: Black

Smooth Idler Wheel

Smooth Idler Wheel (×4)

Kit includes 1 smooth idler, 2 ball bearings and 1 precision shim washer.

Standard Wheel Carriage Plate

Standard Wheel Carriage Plate (×5)

Type: Plate


Stepper Motor - NEMA 17

Stepper Motor - NEMA 17

Lead Time: In stock, Holding Torque: 62 oz/in

Stepper Motor - NEMA 23

Stepper Motor - NEMA 23 (×2)

Holding Torque: 140oz-in, Length: 51mm, Shaft: Dual, Qty: 1

This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

from Inventables

Very well thought out design -
Robert Roscher
i'd like to build one, do you have a complete bill of materials? thanks
Robert Roscher
Hello, I did not write a detailed list of the materials used to make my printer
Marc Cohen
What do you use as a controller for your printer?
Marc Cohen