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X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit

Upgrade the rigidity, precision, and add 2" of gantry clearance of your X-Carve

X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit
  • X-Carve Upgrade: Z Axis Kit
Price Part Number Contents
$282.75 Direct Drive Z-Axis, 2" Risers, and Stiffeners

Product Details

Upgrade the rigidity, precision, and gantry clearance of your X-Carve with Z-axis and height improvements in this kit. With an additional 2 inches of Z-axis travel, this kit will nearly double the carvable volume of your X-Carve.

  • Direct drive configuration eliminates drive belt and improves accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce adjustments and maintenance
  • Increases gantry clearance from 2.5” to 4.5”
  • Increases maximum pass-through sheet width from 34.75” to 37”.
  • Unique shape prevents potential interference with dust boot when machine is at XY home
  • Keeps shavings within the work area of the machine

NOTE: X-Carve Machines purchased 2015 or earlier will need updated Z stepper motor cable assembly.
The full NEMA 23 Cable Subassembly can also be purchased.

Technical Data


Direct Drive Z-Axis with upgraded 212 oz-in stepper motor (+50% torque)

2" Risers (4)

Acrylic Dust Guards / Stiffeners (8)

Installation Time

60 minutes

Installation Instructions

Available here

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How difficult is it to install this kit?

It’s quite simple, actually, and shouldn’t take longer than an hour with our easy-to-understand instructions.

What if I also want the Belt Upgrade Kit?

Great! You’ll maximize the performance gains AND you can save money by purchasing both together in our Ultimate X-Carve Upgrade Kit.

What is the height of the machine with the upgraded Z-axis included?

The overall height is 21 1/4".

Will the upgrade kit work with pre-2016 X-Carve Kits?

To get the most out of this upgrade, we highly recommend using the X-Controller Kit and the Wide Makerslide.. While the new stepper motors can be run on the original g-shield controller, you will not be getting the full benefit from the upgraded motors.