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Solid Carbide - Fishtail Spiral, Upcut Bits- 1/8 in D

Ideal for carving plastics

Solid Carbide - Fishtail Spiral, Upcut Bits- 1/8 in D
Price Part Number Shank Diameter Cutting Diameter Type Ring Color
$8.49 1/8 in 1/8 in Upcut Teal

Product Details

These fishtail bits are great for fine detail and inlays. The upcut tip design creates a cleaner edge on the backside of the sheet when cutting through materials. The flute design works well with high speed spindles and high feedrates.

Upcut bits work especially well on materials that can melt when heated, like plastics.

Please note that these bits are solid carbide but are super sharp and brittle – they may break more easily than most end mills while milling, or if dropped.

Technical Data

Best for Cutting

Corian, plastic, linoleum, aluminum (1/8 in only)

Cutting Length

0.4 in

Overall Length

1.5 in