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Beautiful, natural hardwood

Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$16.00 6 in × 12 in 3/4 in
$9.14 6 in × 12 in 1/16 in
$11.29 6 in × 12 in 1/8 in
$13.71 6 in × 12 in 1/2 in

Product Details

When freshly cut, Purpleheart is a dull gray/purple/brown. Initial exposure to UV changes the finish to a dark eggplant, generally transforming into a dark brown with hints of purple. It has a medium texture with straight grain, but can occasionally be wavy or irregular. Purpleheart is rated as very durable and considered one of the stiffest and strongest woods in the world.

Unnecessarily heating the wood (with tooling) can produce a gummy resin known to clog tools and complicate the machining process.

Technical Data


6 in × 12 in