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Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools

60 colored tiles, perfect for your first classroom project

Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools
  • Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools
  • Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools
  • Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools
Price Part Number Description
$161.86 60 Tiles (5 each of 12 color combinations)

Product Details

This pack of 6″×6″ tiles (qty 60) is designed as an easy kit for schools to use as a first project when bringing Carvey or X-Carve into the classroom.

Students can make their own tiles as an introduction to designing in Easel, then complete their first carves. The teacher can help them put all of the finished tiles together into a large mosaic, showcasing the work to the rest of the school.

The idea for this project came from high school teacher Jeff Solin at Lane Tech in Chicago.

The tiles are 2-color HDPE plastic. The top layer of each tile is 0.05" thick. If you engrave deeper than that, you’ll expose the second color. It’s a fun, easy way to create dynamic designs that will inspire students to keep carving.

30693-01 comes with 60 tiles. It is ideal for classrooms that already have plenty of carving bits.

30693-02 comes with 60 tiles + 2 carving bits (1/16" fish tail upcut) that work great on HDPE. We recommend this option for classrooms that don’t have many bits.

Technical Data

How it works

Lane Tech in Chicago

Example project guideline

Avon Middle School in Ohio

Project video

Avon Middle School in Ohio