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Gorgeous Laptop stand 1428987043_open-uri20150414-26336-yhz8z8?1428987043 Open in Easel
Arduino Nano Ring Sequencer 1414083622_open-uri20141023-16976-1qxpvm0?1414083622 Open in Easel
Monogrammed Box 1418312493_monogramed%20box Open in Easel
American Flag Coin Rack 1428745425_img_2960 Open in Easel
Wooden iPhone Back 1384219371_p1010880 Open in Easel
Star Wars Silicone Chocolate Mold 1430990669_open-uri20150507-30467-1vn5b8l?1430990669 Open in Easel
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I'm so in love with this system. I have made some gorgeous pieces, I owe it all to Easel for making my life easier and giving me the confidence to move forward.

Eddie Villarreal

Being a hobbyist, I must thank you guys for Easel as I think it is a stunning program and believe it will only get better.

Marcelle Van der Merwe

Easel is a breeze to use compared to other software offerings.

Aaron Snyder

I love Easel and how intuitive it is. It is so easy to design a job, and then run it while following the intuitive pre-flight checklist.

Rhett Pimentel

Thank you for creating such a game-changer of a product.

Edward C. Gould

I am a wood shop teacher in a girls' middle school. My students are really excited about using the mill and this tool makes that a snap for them to design and execute things.

Thomas Brennan-Marquez
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