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WoodRiver Pocketknife (Item 163955)

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Matthew T Mead

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Matthew T Mead

General Information

Great quick project to make wood sides for this pocketknife using 1/8" hardwood.

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African Mahogany Wood

African Mahogany Wood

6" × 12" × 1/8" African Mahogany


from Inventables

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SVG for wood handle


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Instructions from Woodcraft are good

1 minute

Instructions from Woodcraft are good and can be found linked from this page:

Note that you will need a special micro screw driver that is about 1.5mm.

Note that my design does not include a hole that needs to be drilled. By following the instructions, they instruct how to mark the hole once side pieces are dry fit.

I scuffed up my knife while sanding my wood to fit (per the instructions). I will be hitting the stainless steel on the knife with fine steel wool and that should remove all scratches.