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Wooden iPhone Backing

Jeff Talbot

Project by

Jeff Talbot from Inventables
Chicago, IL

General Information

These iPhone cases can be made from any type of wood veneer, are easy to cut on a laser cutter, and can be customized with an engraved logo or text. They come with a peel-off adhesive that is easy to apply and remove from your phone.

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Material Description Price
Birch Wood Veneer

Birch Wood Veneer

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: .02 in, Style: paper backed with adhesive

File Description Unit Price
File type blank


SVG file for cutting the wood veneer on your laser cutter


Download Zip

from Inventables


Open the SVG file in Inkscape

The first step is to open the provided SVG file in Inkscape. This is the file that describes the paths for the laser cutter to cut.


Print from Inkscape

Now print the file to your laser cutter. For our laser cutter, a Full Spectrum MLE-40, we selected C-size sheet paper size under the Paper/Quality tab. After you click “Print,” then you should see your file open in the Retina Engrave software.


Place wood veneer inside of laser cutter

Take your sheet of wood veneer and place it in the laser cutter and align toward the upper left hand corner.


Jog the laser to the corner of the material

Using the Retina Engrave Control Panel, jog the laser so that it is a few millimeters down and to the right of the upper left hand corner of the wood veneer.


Set the speed and power of the laser

In the Vector Properties area, change the settings on the laser to:
Speed: 35
Power: 100


Cut the wood veneer

Press the “Start” button in the Retina Engrave software to begin cutting your job.


Remove adhesive backing and apply to phone

Remove the wood veneer from your laser cutter and then peel off the adhesive backing. Apply carefully to the back of your phone.