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Wooden Bookmark to hold your book closed

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Brian Wharton

Project by

Brian Wharton
Redondo Beach, US

General Information

This is a wooden bookmark with an elastic strap that holds your book closed by creating a slot in the bookmark and threading waistband elastic through and sewing in a loop.

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AUET01 v20120307-01.vsd

I used Visio first to create my design



Here is the visio converted to .svg


Download Zip

from Inventables


Cut out the bookmark

First cut out the bookmark. I made a plain one and then I did another with my companies logo.

What I did is use tabs for the outline of the bookmark. but don’t use tabs for the slot that the elastic goes through.

NOTE: I used 1/8" plywood from a craft store. Inventables has something similar.


Cut the tabs and sand

I did alot of sanding to clean things up. I didnt finish mine. but, I might. If you finish, I would do at least one layer of clear acrylic over so that none of the stain will ruin your book.


Add the Elastic

Next, I took 1.5" waistband elastic to about the size I wanted and thread it through the slot in the bookmark and used my trusty sewing machine to make a loop that will then hold the book closed.

Jeremy Richards
Very nice choice of book to show for an example. :)
Jeremy Richards