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Wood Turning Shop Sign

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Chris Baber

Project by

Chris Baber

General Information

This was my first finished project on the X Carve I turned out better that I could have hoped.

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My Video of the build of the X-Carve and the Project



: Wood of your choice bigger then the sign you want to make
: Black spray paint
: Clear spray paint
: Smaller piece of wood of your choice for the inlay

: Sander or just sand paper
: X Carve
: Super glue



40 minutes

Use Easel to cut out your sign. Make sure to use the fill option if you want the inlay to work correctly.

Tip: If your sign has smaller parts than the bit you are using it will not cut. Run the program again for the same home position with a smaller bit.



15 minutes

Cut out the inlay and use the outside option on Easel. This will make it fit the sign tight


Black Paint and Sanding

45 minutes

Paint the sign Black. Make sure to spray from all sides to get a good coat on the insides of the carved out part.
Let it Dry
Remove the paint on the surface with the sander. This should leave the black only in the carved out parts of the sign. Sand to what ever grit you like. On this project I sanded to 220.
Also take this time to sand your inlay to the same grit.


Put it together!

Now that is it all sanded.
Take the super glue and glue in the inlay. It should be a tight fit.
Clean all the dust from the sign and Spray the clear coat on all of it.