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Wood Bricks

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Detlef Grohs

Project by

Detlef Grohs
Doraville, Georgia

General Information

A set of bricks made out of wood.

Project to learn how to cut large pieces material and align material so that opposing cuts line up.

Made from 2 3/4" plywood pieces glued together to make a 1.5" thick piece.

My first published project here, let me know where I need to improve.

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Drill the alignment holes from the Alignment tab. Attach the material to the waste board while leaving the lower left corner as the origin. You should be able to find this again if necessary by aligning the bit to the center of the hole. I did not use this hole as a tie down because I was concerned about going to origin and hitting the bit on the clamp bolt. You can use other clamps around this if you want but I found that using the other corners worked well.


Carve the bottom

360 minutes

Carve the bottom tab of the design using the lower left hole as the origin. You will need a long bit for this as it will need to cut all the way through 38 mm or 1.5" of material.


Flip the Board

Flip the board top to bottom and use the alignment holes to make sure the carve will match up. The lower left corner should be origin again.


Carve the bottom

120 minutes

Carve the bottom from the Bottom tab of the design. Again this should line up against cut that has already been made through the design. The tabs on the top part were set to a height of 10mm and we are cutting about 8 mm down so we should be keeping at least 2 mm to keep the pieces attached to the material.


Remove Bricks and Finish

Once the top has been cut, I used a chisel and mallet to knock the 4 tabs off each brick and that worked very well. Once you have the bricks you will have to sand and cut the excess tab material off.