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Wine Cork Holder

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Brian Wildman

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Brian Wildman

General Information

Make a Wine Cork Holder using Easel and the X-Carve.

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How to make a Wine Cork Holder. Made from 1/4" MDF and painted a flat black. The dimensions of this project are 16″ × 6″ × 2.5″.


Cutting the Material

2 minutes

Using 1/4" MDF, you will need to cut the following pieces:

2 @ 6″ × 16″
2 @ 2″ × 16″
2 @ 2″ × 5.5″


Load CORKS in Easel

1 minute

I used a Spiral Up Cut, Single Flute End Mill, 1/8" cutting dia. Loaded up CORKS and send it to the X-Carve.


Let the carving begin.

20 minutes

Just sit back and watch.


Cut tab around the letters

3 minutes

Using a jig saw, cut the tabs that are holding the letters in place. Sand remaining pieces of tab smooth. Make sure you keep the center of the “O” and “R”. You will glue these on later.


Cork Opening.

1 minute

On one of the short 2″ × 2.5″ pieces, drill a 1-1/8" hole at the top.


Paint the inside

3 minutes

Now is a good time to paint the inside and back side of the CORKS sign.


Attach chicken wire to back side of CORKS

Using epoxy(or strong glue) glue a pieces of chicken wire to the back side of the CORKS pieces. I used 1/2″ × 1/2" square chicken wire. The chicken wire should be roughly 5.5″ × 15.5″. Make sure the chicken wire is set back 1/4" from all edges so that the CORKS sign will fit in the box.



10 minutes

Grab the blank 6″×16″ pieces and glue on the long 2"x 16" first, then the shorts 2″×5.5″ pieces. I used pin nails to hold the pieces together while the glue dried, claps will works as well. Let this part dry for 1 hour. Next, glue on the CORKS piece, clap together and let the glue dry.



4 minutes

After the glue has dried, give everything a good sanding with 220 grid sand paper.


Glue Centers of Letters

1 minute

Remember the center of the “O” and “R” you saved? Well now we are going to glue them back on the chicken wire. Again, I used epoxy to glue these to the chicken wire.


Prime and Paint

I sprayed the outside of the box with a primer and then gave it a light sanding to get everything smooth. I then used a flat black and gave the everything a good coat.


Filler Her Up!!

1 minute

After the paint is dry, now its time to fill her up with corks.

Jennifer Peterson
Are you able to share this file? Please absolutely Love this project! Thank you
Jennifer Peterson
Brian Wildman
The public box is checked. You should be able to see it.
Brian Wildman
Jennifer Peterson
Hi Brian, sorry I still get a error when I try to open this project.
Jennifer Peterson
Mark Lewis
I also can't load.....but great project!
Mark Lewis
Sean Painter
I'm unable to open this either. Can you repost it? Great Project!
Sean Painter
manux renaud
I'm unable to open this either. Can you repost it? thank you
manux renaud
Brian Wildman
As of 2/25/2020, file should work, I fixed it.
Brian Wildman
Rick Olsen
Hi Brian - still gives the error that this has NOT been shared publicly ?
Rick Olsen
Brian Wildman
The public box is checked. I was able to open. If not i will have to contact Inventables.
Brian Wildman