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261 opens
139 copies
Jon Newsom

Project by

Jon Newsom
Willis, TEXAS

General Information

A six person board game that you family will love!

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24x24 piece of wood

I used an old table top that was lying around.


Use a 3/4 inch round nose router bit

This bit works best for the marble holders, as an alternative you could drill holes and use wooden golf tees instead of marbles.


1/16 end mill bit for all other carving

Used a standard 1/16 end mill bit for all the rest of the carving.


Final cuts

use a 1/4 end mill for the outside , I ran it about 3/8 down and cut the rest out with jig saw and finished with a hand router.


Paint and purchase marbles

I paint , so i had several colors of acrylics around the house, finished it of with lacquer. below is a link to where i bought game marbles. I bought these because a made 2 different games you could probably find just enough cheaper.

Jay McCoy
nicely done. I wanted to make this but it seems the marble holes are missing from the project.....
Jay McCoy
Jon Newsom
there are 3 cuts to this project the first is the 1/4 for the shape, the second is a 1/8 bit for the rectangles, and the third is the roundnose for the marbles in easel all three opened for me.
Jon Newsom
Cody boley
What settings did you use for the roundness bit?
Cody boley
Bud Kraft
is there a 4 player version
Bud Kraft