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Union Stars for 19.5x37 Flag

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Steve Carmichael

Project by

Steve Carmichael

General Information

Use EASEL PRO to v-carve stars on a 19.5″×37″ wooden American flag.

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Watch the Video

7 minutes

To get started, watch my video of this project to see the basic process of building the flag. Click here for a complete list of supplies and detailed instructions on my website.


Carve the Stars

30 minutes

For a 19.5″×37″ flag, the panel for the stars is about 15" wide and 10.5" tall. This can vary a little depending on the actual height of the top seven stripes. Just measure the height of the stripes and cut the height of the panel to match. You may need to adjust the dimensions in the EASEL project if your panel is slightly different.

I stained the panel using Minwax Tintable Water-Based Stain in True Blue from Lowes. I used a 90-degree v-bit and EASEL PRO to carve the stars. A cutting depth of .24" at .06" per pass was perfect for carving the stars.


Assemble the Flag

30 minutes

I used a blow torch to add some color to the wood and bring out the grain, then I stained the stripes using Minwax Tintable Water-Based Stain in Scarlet Red from Lowes. I used a small bead of glue to glue the flag together to avoid any squeeze out and clean up. I clamped it tight and attached 4 braces on the back for stability.


Hanging the Flag

15 minutes

I twisted the ends of some picture wire around washers and screwed them onto the center of the flag. This made it easy to attach a hook to the wall and hang the flag.


It Looks Awesome!

5 minutes

The flag looks awesome in my office. From what I’ve seen, these are really popular and are good sellers. Making and selling these flags would be a fantastic way to use an X-Carve to pay for itself, and more!