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Trivet - Tabloid sized honeycomb

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Fernando Romero

Project by

Fernando Romero
Houston, USA

General Information

Hard maple trivet. 11″ × 17″ in honeycomb pattern.

Made this as a wedding gift.

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Hard Maple

Hard Maple (×2)

6" × 12" × 1/2" Hard Maple


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Create Design

1. I create my complex geometries in Autocad. I save the files as DXF.

2. Open the DXF in Inkscape. A scale factor of 25.4 must be applied in order to get the design into inches.

3. Save the file as a SVG.

4. Import SVG into easel.


Rough milling

40 minutes

1. by default Easel will select path “outline”. Since I will be roughing the main honeycomb holes with a large diameter tool, only select the hexagons and change the operation to “inside”

2. In order to speed up the process in the machine configuration menu I select a step over of 80%.

3. Since I want some stock left for final milling, I will cheat by setting the bit size to 0.550" instead of the real bit diameter of 0.500".
This will leave about 0.025" stock on each hexagon.

Also if you are milling the hexagons to the total depth, remove the “tabs” option.

4. Since I only want to cut the hexagons select any the profiles I do’t want to cut (such as the outer profile) and set the depth of cut to zero. (this will hide it, similar to turning off a layer)


Final milling

20 minutes

1. Change the tool to an up-spiral 1/4 diameter bit.

2. Select all the hexagons and change the operation to inside.


Outer profile

1. select all the hexagons and change the depth of cut to zero.

2. select the outer profile and change the depth of cut to full depth. Add tabs as required.



5 minutes

1. I like to route the back edges with a 3/16" bit.



1. Seal the wood with a 50/50 mixture of shellac and denatured alcohol.

2. Once dry sand with 400 grit and refinish with 100% shellac.

3. Sand with 400 grit.

5. Polish with black bison wax.

John Gifford
I'd like to make this, can you please share the easel project publicly?
John Gifford
Lee Turner
I' too would like to make this, can you please share the easel project publicly?
Lee Turner
Joseph Johnson
Please share publicly, this would be awesome to remake
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Reverse image file for sale on Etsy, was unsure if this was your design. the reverse image makes me think otherwise.
Joseph Johnson
Fernando Romero
Joseph, I shared the file here on easel. I do not know who is selling it on etsy. I guess there is no way to really control that.
Fernando Romero