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Timber Keycaps Cherry Stem

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Wenray Wang

Project by

Wenray Wang
Sydney, Australia

General Information

Been wanting to make some of these for a while, and thought quarantine would be a good time to tick some projects off. This was inspired by one of the titanium RAMA keycaps, what you could say is a poor man’s version of it.

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Keycap DXF with reference holes


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from Inventables


Order of cuts

40 minutes

Timber stock I was using was a 19mm thick piece of blackbutt, stock size required for this project is 120mm x 30mm but feel free to view and edit yourself in fusion360 using this link:

Cut 1 was done with a 1/4 inch straight bit (2 flutes) which cut the bulk of the material and two reference holes which I used dowels in when I flipped the piece (the reference holes were carved into the wasteboard so I did not need to zero once I flipped the timber)

Cut 2: 1/8 inch straight bit (2 flute)

Cut 3: 1mm straight bit (1 flute)

Cut 4 (reference into wasteboard): 1/4 inch straight bit 2 flutes. Dowels used for the referencing were 1/2 inch I believe

Reverse side cut 1: 1/8 inch straight bit 2 flute

Reverse side cut 2: 1mm straight bit 1 flute. Definitely need the finer bit for this pass to allow the stem to fit