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Thermometer Plaque

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Jeff Parish

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Jeff Parish
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

General Information

A nautical themed hanging thermometer with tutorial and tips for pocket, thru cuts, fills and inlays using Easel.

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1 minute

This is where all the magic happens, well…some of it anyway.
The majority of my X-Carve projects are created in Corel Draw and carved using Easel.

This Hanging Thermometer project incorporates inlays, multi level pocket cuts. resin fills and thru cuts.

Hope you enjoy it!


Easel Settings & Tweeks

5 minutes

Tutorial video showing Easel settings and tips.

This has 2 Easel files to cut all parts.
Main part is in “Open in Easel”
This is the link to the inlayed parts for the project.


Setup & Carve

17 minutes

I’m using a .0125 (.0122 actual) 2 flute downcut bit for this operation. The down cut bits leave a smooth top edge and is the bit type I use in mostly all of my carves.



Material setup and cutting inlays.

Link to Carpet Tape:

This inlay was cut with a .005 tolerance for a tight fit, but for a different look, this jewelry box inlay below was cut at .015 to produce a thin black outline. Experiment with different settings to get the look your want.


Resin Fills and Finish

The bubble pockets are first painted a bright silver paint, then filled with a blue tinted resin. Everything is then sanded down flush and spray finished with 3 coats of clear lacquer and temp gauge is press fit.

I’m still debating whether or not to attach the Dolphin. I’m liking the way it looks now, so I’ll think on it for awhile.

For those interested, here is where I purchased the temp meter. Lots of great meters to choose from.