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Surprise Engagement Ring Box

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Joe Whittaker

Project by

Joe Whittaker
Wolverhampton, UK

General Information

The idea behind this project is to keep the engagement ring a surprise until the very last moment. I think by making it look like a necklace gift box the recipient will have no idea about the true contents.

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6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


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Cut Out.svg

This svg file used for cutting out both the lid and the base to the box


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150 minutes

I started by securing a piece of walnut to my X-Carve using a couple of screws.
The piece I was using was from a previous project, the section I used was about 350mm x 75mm x 25mm. This was enough for both the lid and the base the to the box.

I have the link to the easel project if you would like to use it. The deepest cut the X-Carve will make is 15mm (apart from the cut out) so the thickness of the material can be less than the 25mm that I used.

If you would like to see the video to this build you can see it here:



10 minutes

Once the X-Carve had done its thing I just needed to do some sanding to get the piece ready for finish. The fit of the lid to the base a bit tight but I made some changes to the easel project and it is much better now. It only took a little hand sanding to get the fit just right though.
I sanded the box all over using 350 grit sandpaper.


Spray Finish & Add Lining

1 minute

I used some masking tape to cover the inside of the opening the X-Carve had created. This will make the spray adhesive stick better later on. I could then use some spray lacquer to finish this project. It dries really quick so I could build up the 4 coats in no time. Once the finish was dry, I removed the masking tape.

To line the inside of the box I used some black felt baize and 5mm packing foam.
The lid of the box received just a piece of black felt baize. I secured it in place using strong spray adhesive.

Because the base will be in contact with the ring I wanted to add foam. I cut a piece of foam slightly smaller than the opening in the base and also cut a slit in the centre, this will allow the ring to be pushed through and held in place. I could then use the spray adhesive to glue on some black felt baize. I folded it over the edges of the foam and trimmed off the excess with some scissors.

I then sprayed more of the adhesive on the back of the foam and secured it into the opening of the base. I made sure to tuck the edges down the side. I then used a sharp knife the cut the slit through the black felt baize, this will allow the ring to be pushed through and held in place.

Chris Collins
Great project!. I have a dumb question, when I copy the project the bit defaults to 3mm but xcarve says its too big for the project. Even if I reduce down to 1/32 of an inch xcarve complains. Do you have the same issue do you you ignore it the error? What bit size are you actually using? Cheers.
Chris Collins
Joe Whittaker
Thank you Chris! I used a 3mm straight bit. I just ignored the warning. I'm not sure why it shows the bit is too big. I didnt have trouble with it. :)
Joe Whittaker
Great looking box, will the project work on any cnc machine? I am new to this and I have the Cron Craft cnc machine. It also makes use of easel and inventables.