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Super Simple Marble Inlays

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Sarah Milne

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Sarah Milne

General Information

A super simple way to create inlays using marble tile pieces.

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Prep the Inlay Pieces

5 minutes

This project is so simple and fast because it does not require you to carve the actual inlay pieces. Instead, you will use this tile (

Prep the pieces by removing the pieces from the mesh backer. Each flower comes with nine leaves but needs only eight for this carve. Gently sand off any backer stuck on. You can also sand the bottom edges so they are rounded over and will fit easier into the inlays (recommended).


Carve the File

11 minutes

Decided where you want to add the flower detail and set the carve accordingly. The file carves in 10 or 11 minutes depending upon what material is used and utilizes a 1/8" straight bit. The depth is preset for the require tile.


Fit the Inlay pieces

5 minutes

Fit the inlay pieces using CA glue. Test each fit as there will be some variation in the stone. The fit will be tight – use a block and mallet to gently tap into position.


Sand and Finish

5 minutes

Sand off residual CA glue and finish board as desired