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Steak Paddle with Inlay

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Joe Whittaker

Project by

Joe Whittaker
Wolverhampton, UK

General Information

I needed something to help me apply an even pressure across my steak while its cooking. I designed this ‘Steak Paddle’ to help me do this. I also added ‘fingers’ to one side of the paddle so I can get into the grooves of the griddle pan and mix my homemade sauce. It has an epoxy putty inlay.

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6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


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1 - Easel & Carve

60 minutes

I have a video showing how I made this Steak Paddle here:

Open the easel link to bring up the project. All you should need to adjust is the dimensions of your material. Confirm the other settings are right and click carve.

Take the body of the paddle and sand a slight curve to meet the fingers on the one side. I used a belt sander to make the job go quicker. It just gives it a nicer look.

It took about 60mins for the carve to complete including the steak inlay.

If you wish to add the Steak inlay then all you need to do is:

open a new easel page
import the Steak Inlay Vector.svg
rotate it 90 degrees
Centre the image by selecting the centre spot in the positioning window and then type in 50 mm for the x axis and 100 mm for the y axis. This will centre the inlay image on the body of the paddle.
set the depth of cut to about 0.020 in.
Click carve.


2 - Epoxy Putty Inlay

10 minutes

I use Milliput epoxy putty for this inlay.

Mix the 2 parts together in equal amounts until the colour is even with no streaks.

Push the putty mix into the carved inlay area. Its ok to mound the putty above the surface because it is easy to sand flush later.

Leave to set over night.

Sand flush to the surface revealing the inlay beneath.


3 - Attach the Handle

10 minutes

Centre the handle on the body of the paddle.

Join the corners of each end with a pencil to give you a centre mark where to drill a 6mm hole.

Drill 2 holes in the body and 2 in the handle deep enough to allow 2 6mm wide dowels to be inserted.

Add some wood glue to the dowels, insert them into the handle holes and them push into the holes on the body.

Wipe of any glue squeeze out and leave to dry


4 - Sand and Finnish

Sand the piece to your desired grit. I went to 240 grit.

I then used raw linseed oil as a finnish.

Raw linseed is food safe and that is why I chose it as a finnish.

Michael Hudson
this is very nice . . . but please, don't apply pressure to your steak!
Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson
Seriously though, great craftsmanship.
Michael Hudson