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Allen Massey

Project by

Allen Massey
Kennesaw, Georgia

General Information

A little snowman for Christmas

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Red Oak

Red Oak


Resize the Snowman

1 minute

Select the entire snowman and right click on the the upper right handle of the selected box to resize the snowman to whatever size you like. I found that about 3.5 inches tall worked pretty well.


Check the toolpath

1 minute

Be sure that all the line are set as outline (on path) cuts that will completely cut through the material.
I used 1/4 inch thick oak and set the depth to .26 inches to ensure it was cut cleanly through. (note this may cut into your wasteboard slightly)

I found that turning off tabs worked better for this project since it is so small.


Select your bit

1 minute

For this project you are going to need a very small diameter endmill. I used a .0625 (1/16) inch tool.

Since the bit is so small be sure to check that your feedrate is reasonable (about 25 inches/min) and that the depth of cut is less that about .03 inches.


Clamp and cut

Secure your piece of wood to the waste board, I drilled a hole in each corner of the oak piece and used screws to hold it down.

Once the wood is secured, use Easel to cut out the snowman



10 minutes

After you have removed your snowman you will need to clean up the edges with a piece of sandpaper.

After it is sanded smooth, you can stain or paint however you wish. I just used a coat of clear stain to seal the wood and then sprayed a light coat of varnish over both sides.


Make more

I found that if you make another snowman about a half inch taller then they will “hold hands” so it is possible to make an entire snowman family if you wish.

David Haykus
Do you have a digital file for this you could post? I don't yet have any type of CNC from Inventables and I could probably adapt it to the lasers I have access to at my local Tech Shop. Thank you very much.
David Haykus