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Smoke Factory

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Carlos Sanchez

Project by

Carlos Sanchez

General Information

Here is a factory shaped incense burner to have the nice smell come out from the top of the chimney. You will need to finish it adding an air inlet by hand, depending on what type of incense you use and the final size. I also made a handmade one! Check my video! https://youtu.be/WcxfsUOS8Qg

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Fusion 360 CAD



SVG FIle of the plywood factory profiles


Download Zip

from Inventables



50 minutes

This one is Easy, just click carve and let the x-carve do the work for you. After that you will have to remove the tabs of course!



15 minutes

Stack all the plywood layers together making sure they are aligned and be sure to clamp them properly. Let it dry! Alignment can be easier if you include alignment pins in the parts and use a dowel, but I did not bother. A bit of salt and fiddling with the parts before clamping did the job well.


Final sanding

15 minutes

Take your time to sand all surfaces and leave a cool and nice finish, specially on the plywood edges.
Also, make sure the bottom of the factory sits well on a flat surface with no gaps around it.


Cut the air inlet

15 minutes

For the factory to work, you will need to open an inlet in one of the sides of the factory, far from the chimney area. I thought it looked cool on the side wall, but it is up to you. You could even include it in the carve, but I didn’t as it depends on the type of incense (some of them burn hotter than others) I recommend you adjust it manually until smoke flows properly out the chimney.

In this step I used a router table with a zero-clearance insert to avoid chipout. This is way overkill. You can get by just using a handfile. I just wanted a cool rounded finish. In my case I added two symmetrical stop blocks. I repeated the cut with slightly bigger settings (pulling apart stop blocks / fence) until the size was enough for the factory to work. Start small and go bigger! that way you won’t have to carve it again :)