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Shop Sign

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Brian Gidney

Project by

Brian Gidney
Arenas Valley, NM

General Information

I made a sign for my shop out of 3/4" white Melamine particle board.

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Material Description Price
MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in, Thickness: 3/4 in, Type: MDF


Material Size

5 minutes

I have used signs for my shop that measure 12″ × 24″ to 18″ × 24″. However, I wanted something for inside of the shop so I selected the 12″ × 24″ size. I lay the material onto the waste board and clamp it in.


Select your material in Easel

5 minutes

Next, I open up easel and go to the materials menu and adjust the size to my board and thickness. Then I select the material that is similar to what I am using.


Layout and Show Toolpaths

When laying out my design I like to leave a pretty good size boarder in case I need to square my material to the pictures being carved. I then select the depth of cut and decide if I will be using a two staged cut for detail. To determine this I hit the show tool paths button.



280 minutes

Once everything looks nice and everything is at the right measurements and still clamped! I hit the carve button and watch the Xcarve work!


Trim and Finish

60 minutes

After it is all carved I will take this sign to trim and square it on the table saw. After that I am going to paint the letters and background to my liking.