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Robot Eyes

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Daniel Rother

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Daniel Rother

General Information

Emotive eyes for a robot. Attach to two servo motor and you can rotate the eyes to show different emotions.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 5.75 in × 5.75 in, Thickness: 3/4 in, Type: MDF

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The Arduino program to run the servo motors


Download Zip

from Inventables



Cut out the eyes using a CNC machine. I designed this project using Easel ( You can find the easel file on this page and carve out the eyes


Attach the eyes to servo motors

Hot Glue servo horn onto the back of each eye and attach to a servo motor.

Make sure you mount one when the motor is fully rotated and the other when the motor is not rotated and the two motors will rotate in opposite directions to achieve the desired effect. This is always adjustable later.


Give the robots eyes a brain!

Attach to an arduino to make the robot. It is easy and tweakable to make the robot respond to different inputs. In this case I used a light sensor to detect light, but any input is easy. Here is the sample code and the layout used including the light sensor


Listen to what the robot eyes tell you

In my case, I have to not forget to give the plant plenty of light!

Paul Kaplan
This is so awesome!
Paul Kaplan
Sam Alaimo
this is really cool!! Nice work!
Sam Alaimo