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Ridgid R2400 Mount

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General Information

Mount for Ridgid R2400 trim router with cutout for gear rack.
Based on Bosh Colt mount.

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Material Description Price
Black HDPE Sheet

Black HDPE Sheet

Thickness: 3/4 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in

Button Head Cap Screw

Button Head Cap Screw

Length: 10mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Size: M5


Hi-Lo Screw

Hi-Lo Screw

Thread Size: #10-26, Length: 1.00 in, Finish: Zinc Plated, Quantity: 10

Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Socket Head Cap Screw - Packs of 10 each

Length: 25mm, Quantity: 10, Thread Size: M5


This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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Cut mounts

20 minutes

I cut two mounts out of 3/4" HDPE. If you desire only one, you can just set depth of second mount to zero.


Drill and tap

45 minutes

Leave blocks and tabs intact while drilling mounts.

I used a marking tool to draw centerline down back of mount and the mounting plate for positioning of holes.
Drill two holes (inners) with #19 drill (4.2164mm / .166") for use with M5 tap.
Drill two more holes (outers) to fit hardware of your choosing. I went with traditional wood screws.

On front side, drill another #19 hole lined up with center of rod holder (cutout) and tap.
For the clamp I chose a medium lag screw with hex head and flange. Drill appropriate sized hole for screw and larger drill for the tab part of clamp.


Clean up and mount

Clean up tabs, bore should be smooth for router.
Mount on backing plate, adjust slide as needed, and enjoy!

Rod holder (lower left of mount) doesn't clear profile of router. Needs to be moved out (left) .45"
Fixed position of Rod holder.