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Resin Shark w/ Feeder Fish inside Waves

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Chase Gilbert

Project by

Chase Gilbert

General Information

Carved into 37" long x 11.5" tall – 5/4 Poplar Wood / stained with Dark Walnut. Shark and 3 feeder fish are filled in with Mixed Color Resin inside the Ocean Waves. Designed by Chase Gilbert
Shark and Feeder Fish are elements taken straight from Easel’s new Pro Design Library.

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Carving Bit Starter Set

Carving Bit Starter Set

This set of 8 bits is great for beginners who are just getting started, or anyone looking to do general purpose cutting. They all have 1/8” shanks


from Inventables


Grab the Wood

1 minute

I used 5/4 Poplar Wood 36" long x 11.5" wide.


Carve the Wood

85 minutes

I carved the design in two stages.
1. I used the 1/16" Down Cut bit and carved out the 3 feeder fish.
2. I used the 1/8" straight flute bit and carved out the Shark


Jig Saw Waves or Use your X-Carve to Carve the Waves

10 minutes

You can either use the wave files or use a jig saw to speed up the process.
If using X-Carve to carve the waves I would go with a 1/8" bit.


Lightly Sand

Give the Whole piece a light sand job.


Tape and Resin

35 minutes

I used Tuck Tape and taped the back of the Shark cut out and then clamped the shark board to another solid board.

I mixed the resins.

I used Total Boat Resin and Mica powders for the colored resin.

I pour into the shark roughly 35oz of resin and about 1.5 oz for the 3 Feeder Fish.

It took about 30 hours for the slow curing resin to harden enough to sand smooth.

Side Note Tip: I used a hot glue gun and pour a bead of glue all around the edge of the shark and fish. This will keep the resin from pouring out all over the board. Once resin is harden you can scrape off the glue.



Get many sheets of sand paper and make sure you get different grit’s.

I started with 80 grit and jumped to 120 and 250 grit – to remove the bulk of the resin and clean up the wood.

I later came back and hit the overall piece with 500 and 1200 grit with wet sanding to bring a polish to the resin.



I went with a dark walnut stain to help the blue shark pop off and let the feeder fish blend into the background.


Artistic Styling

With my background of woodcut printmaking. I added some wood carve styling to bring more contrast and movement to the overall piece.

Optional: you can re stain over the wood and let the carved design be subtle or you can clear coat and leave the natural wood showing through.


Add Photo Hanger

Add Sawtooth Hanger to back of art piece and call it a day!