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Remake of "Dewalt 611 Air Diverter"

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Air diverter and dust shoe for Dewalt 611. I carved this out of a 1/2" thick poplar wood as a test. The carve took about 3 hours with a 1/8" bit. The vacuum adapter is a Rigid Universal Tool Adapter VT1407 available at Home Depot.

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Red Oak

Red Oak

6" × 12" × 1/2" Red Oak

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open in easel and make sure all your settings are correct

Easel setup:

When you open this in easel please make sure and check all your settings as mine may not work for you

Saftey Height: 5mm
Step over: 40%
Feedrate: 25 in/mm
Depth of cut: .028
material thickness: .500"

This took along time to cut out I actually did it over 2 days by pausing the machine turning off the spindle and then coming back to it.

I really didnt think that it would turn out right due to the way that it was cutting Easel uses very very inefficient tool paths to cut this out a better option might be to use Fusion 360 or something but in the end it did work

This is a remake of a dust guard that is already on here and its hard to tell from the pictures but when using .5in material alot of the time is taking the entire top surface down almost .125 before it actually cuts anything that resembles anything I believe if you have a planer or belt sander you can reduce the thickness of your material and your cut will go alot quicker I believe why the original was done like this because you cant commonly buy material the correct size and due to the original being made out of a cutting board this saves money but not time

You could probably using a surfacing bit and set easel up to plane down your wood in much less time than using a .125 bit to do it

hope you enjoy it does look like it will work very nice on the X-Carve though

Antonio Santiago
Hi Evan, your project can't be open because I think you have to do another step to share it correctly.
Antonio Santiago
uh oh how to i make it view able?