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Planter Box

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Paul Kaplan

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Paul Kaplan

General Information

Quick plywood project that can be customized to any size using a parametric plan generator

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

Type: Plywood, Wood Type: Plywood, Species: Birch, Thickness: 1/4 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in


Generate the plans

After designing this same basic planter a few times, first by hand, then with openSCAD, I made a web app that lets you input the parameters for making your own. It exports SVG files which can be cut with a laser cutter or, in my case, with a shapeoko CNC milling machine. Try it out here


Generate machine instructions for your CNC

If you are using a Shapeoko and have access to Easel, you can import the SVG from the above step and simply select all paths and mark them as “Outside”.

Make sure to set the material height to the exact height of the material you are using.


Send to your machine

Simply press “Start Cutting” if you are using Easel.

If you are using MakerCAM or other to generate paths, download the gcode and import it into a gcode sender program like Universal Gcode Sender. Then send it to your machine.



Just put the three sides together first, then plug them all into the base. Then just fill it with soil and plant!

Peter M. Jakab
The link to generate the box did not work for me.
Peter M. Jakab
Paul Kaplan
Hey sorry peter, I took that project offline. I'll try to put it back up somewhere!
Paul Kaplan
HI Paul, did you happen to put this back up anywhere? Thanks!