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Pint Glass Display Rack

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Steve Carmichael

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Steve Carmichael

General Information

I made this display rack for my Hard Rock Cafe pint glass collection. It holds 21 glasses and can be personalized for gifts.

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Watch the Video!

6 minutes

Check out my video of this project, then make a Pint Glass Display Rack for yourself or someone else. Don’t have a pint glass collection? Start one!


Prepare the Wood

Cut two blanks that are 29″ × 11.25″ × .75″ and mount one on the X-Carve.


Cut the First Set of Parts

90 minutes

Verify the thickness of your wood and adjust settings if necessary.
Edit the text as desired to customize the sign for the top of the display rack.
This work piece includes one shelf, the left side, and the sign.


Cut the Second Set of Parts

90 minutes

This work piece includes two shelve and the right side.


Sand the Parts

45 minutes

Take your time and sand all of the parts smooth. A variety of sanding tools and some good music make sanding a bit more bearable.


Paint the Sign

30 minutes

Mask off the areas around the text and spray paint the letters with your desired color.
When dry, peel off the tape and sand away the paint on the surface.
Vacuum the dust out of the letters.


Assemble the Rack

20 minutes

Insert the shelves into the dado grooves on the side pieces, with the circles facing the top.
Drive screws through the sides and into the shelves.
Position the sign so it is straight and flush with the back and top of the rack.
Drive screws through the sides and into the sign.


Finish as Desired

30 minutes

I suggest using Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray Lacquer to seal the wood and provide some protection. It dries really fast so you can get the rack mounted and filled with glasses in no time.


Enjoy Your Pint Glass Collection!

Sit back and admire your work!
Thanks for checking out my project! Check out my other projects on my website and YouTube channel at the links below, and please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what’s happening in The Carmichael Workshop!
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