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Ping Pong Paddle

Eric Lindberg

Project by

Eric Lindberg
Hartland, Michigan

General Information

Make a custom ping pong paddle!

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Ping Pong Paddle Blade.svg

Use 1/4" plywood for the blade


Ping Pong Paddle Handle.svg

Use 1/4" hardwood for the handles


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Here is a quick YouTube video explaining the process or you can feel free to read the instructions as well.


Creating/Carving the Blade

For the blade, I used a 1/4" piece of birch that was roughly 8×12 inches. Feel free to use any species of plywood that’s available to you though. Simply import the “Blade” SVG and set the depth to cut the full 1/4" thickness. After that, set the cutting path to “outside” for the best results. Once that’s complete, your ready to carve!


Creating/Carving the Handles

For the handles, import the “handle” SVG into Easel and simply copy and paste a second handle. You should now have two handles and you’ll want to set the depth to cut the full 1/4" thickness. Select the path to carve on the “outside” as well and hit carve!


Glue it up!

Once the pieces are carved, glue all the pieces together with some wood glue or epoxy.


Sand & Finish

Sand the entire paddle until it has a comfortable grip in your hand and add a lacquer finish to the entire paddle.


Rubber or Sandpaper?

Here, you will need to decide if you want to use rubber pads or sandpaper for your paddle. I used 150 grit sandpaper and attached it to the paddle with a lot of spray adhesive. Using a razor, I cut extra sandpaper off. Enjoy!