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Open and Closed Signs with Place for Logo

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Micah Norgard

Project by

Micah Norgard
Leesburg , USA

General Information

This front and back closing sign is made with blue navy stain and white titanium acrylic paint.

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Material Description Price
Red Oak

Red Oak (×2)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Red Oak


Cut and Stain

30 minutes

I first cut my boards to be 12 inchs in width, and then stained each side not including the edges. I used a Navy Blue Stain to cover both sides.


CNC Carved Front and Back

42 minutes

I then used the project fileI created to carved both the front and back, being very careful to always place the spindle exactly at the same X and Y start point.



30 minutes

I acrylic backfilled the space for the logo and lettering on each side with Titanium white and back sanded if there was any overfill which will give it a rustic look. You can re-stain if you need to if you do not like that look. My client enjoyed the farm rustic look of it.


Lasered the Logo

I have a laser so I decided to do the Hare in the laser but you can obsiluly either remove the space for a logo or carve one in as well.


Lacquered and Equipment

I gave each side 3 layers of coating so that the client could use them inside or outside. Your preference of course. Then installed eyelets at top first using a drill to make wholes to ensure no splitting. added rope to hang.