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New X Carve Modular Spoilboard

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Scott O’Malley

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Scott O’Malley

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Modular design to use all holes and slots. I cut the blanks oversized then cut square after the holes were carved that wat it didn’t need to be perfect on the table. I didn’t carve all the way through to protect the factory board.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×4)

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/2 in


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10 minutes

Cut 4 Blanks of 1/2" MDF to roughly 240 mm x 770 mm. (9″×30″)


Carve Blank

15 minutes

Open file and set blank on table reasonable square. Secure and carve, I did each blank individually so figure 15 min x4.


Drill out holes

10 minutes

Drill out holes to 100% depth, counter sink 4 corner holes and one center hole.


Cut Square

15 minutes

Measure 30mm from the center of the holes running lengthwise, and 15mm from the center of the holes running widthwise and draw a rectangle. Cut the excess material off on the line to give you a final size of 220mm x 750mm.



90 minutes

Anchor the spoil boards in place and surface to spec. Mark the location of each board because you will have to spin the boards and move the outer two to get the entire surface. Once surfacing is complete return the boards to their original locations.