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Mini Signs

Doug Bornyk

Project by

Doug Bornyk
Saskatoon, Canada

General Information

My first 2 Projects were 2 Mini Signs, made from Purpleheart and Yellowheart 1/8″ × 3″ × 12″ and 1/4″ × 3″ × 12″. I carved the letters out with my 2 Flute Straight End-Mill and my 90 degree V-Bit. I didn’t have Gorilla Glue so I glued the Cut out letters with my Arrow Fletching Glue, after a sand.

Like this project

v-Carve Pro

Create Files with V-Carve Pro and toolpaths. Save G-Code. Use Universal G-Code Sender to Cut out with X-Carve


Razor Knife

Trim Letters with Razor Knife.


Light Sand and Glue

Use Gorilla Glue. In my Case Arrow Fletching Glue.