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Mancala Board Game

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162 copies
Garin Gardiner

Project by

Garin Gardiner
Tigard, USA

General Information

I designed the board game in Fusion 360 with a spiral toolpath that provides a pretty cool toolpath on the final product. The board has deep pockets to hold the marbles and can be machined on the 500mm rail system by cutting one side then flipping around to cut the other.

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Prepare Board

Cut a 5.5 × 16.25 × .75 board for your Mancala game board.


Place Board in Machine

Place board in machine with the long end in the y direction. You will cut half of the board first then rotate and cut the second half. Make sure the lower left of the board is at your origin on your machine so it will center correctly.


Open Easle Project and Cut

With your board in the correct location and held down appropriately, run the program to cut half of the Mancala board.

If you design to make changes to the model you can download Fusion 360 and access the file there to make edits to the model/tool paths.


Rotate Board

Once you have finished cutting the first part of the board, rotate it 180deg and position it in the same location and cut the other side of the board.


Sand and Play!

Take the board off your machine, sand and play!!!

Scott McElroy
What a great find! Thank you. Grand Daughter wants one. I noticed when I open the project, only the design window shows up, no place to select bits, etc. Whassup?
Scott McElroy
Becky Binder
if you rotate the board 180 the carve will be off by about 1/4 inch as it cuts closer to the edge on the right side for the first carve.... or am I missing something?
Becky Binder