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Man Shave(r Shelf)

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Matt Slaga

Project by

Matt Slaga
Jacksonville, USA

General Information

I needed a small shelf to put next to my bathroom vanity to hold my electric razor and beard trimmer. The X-Carve was the perfect place to start…

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6" × 12" × 1/2" Walnut


My Sink Before

1 minute

So, here is my sink before. My razor and beard trimmer were balanced on my small sink.

I wanted a shelf that I could easily mount near the wall outlet to keep the razors off my sink. I used Easel to come up with a stacked shelf with a wall mount keyhole and a slot for the power cords on the razors.


Step 1: Open in Easel and Carve

35 minutes

Open the project in Easel. You might want to test the dado cut on a spare piece of wood first to ensure it fits the wood width. I had to alter mine a bit to get it just right. You also might want to adjust the openings to fit your specific razor.

Carve out on a 6″×12″×.5″ piece of walnut or other hardwood.


Step 2: Sanding

20 minutes

I used a 1" belt sander and a spindle sander to smooth out the pieces, then I followed up with detail sanding with a piece of sandpaper.


Step 3: Assemble, Glue and Clamp

10 minutes

Line up the two pieces so the holes match up and the slot is open on the front. The larger piece is the top, the smaller piece with the dado cuts is the bottom. Dado cuts should be facing down.

Apply some glue to the top of the smaller piece, smear even with a cloth or brush. Then sandwich the two pieces together and clamp them together to dry.


Step 4: Sand... Again

5 minutes

Since my gluing job was not 100% accurate, I went back to the sander to ensure the razor holes were completely even and to sand away any excess dried glue.


Step 5: Assemble Shelf Stands, Glue and Clamp

10 minutes

Next step was to glue and clamp the shelf stands to the bottom of the board and wait for it to dry.


Step 6: Stain and Seal

20 minutes

I started using Jacobean, but it wasn’t dark enough. I then applied espresso stain afterwards. Not perfect, but will do the job. After it completely dried, I applied a few coats of sealer.


Step 7: Mount on Wall

5 minutes

The keyhole slots are spaced 5" apart. I measured, drilled and used drywall inserts and screws to mount the shelf.


Step 8: Add Razors and Enjoy your Man Shave

1 minute

Add your razors and show off you project to all your friends… Or not, and enjoy it all by yourself each morning.