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Make Dovetails joints on X-Carve

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Jawad Saadi

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Jawad Saadi

General Information

Make perfect dovetails that do not require any sanding, and fits perfect the first time, everytime, and free up your time to do other creative things, while X-Carve takes care of the meticulous work.

No Special Cutter, no fancy software !

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Material Description Price
MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×2)

Dimensions: 5.75 in × 5.75 in, Thickness: 1/2 in

File Description Unit Price

dovetail SVG r1 for carving.svg

Inkscape SVG file for Easel Import


dovetail SVG r1 not for carving.svg

Inkscape SVG layout


Download Zip

from Inventables


Fixing the Material as First Step

You should fix the material and clamp it on the board prior to creating the SVG file, sine the way the boards will be clamped, the spacing between the vertically clamped board and the horizontally clamped board, and the 0,0 position will all need to be reflected in the SVG file


Home position using a simple jig

Due to that the cutting path is an odd shape, you need to create an X Y home position that is referenced to the board it self, this simple jig is created to achieve that.

Here is the Easel plan


Create the SVG File

Create the SVG file that will be imported to Easel


Carve the boards

As in step 1 above the material is already clamped to the Advanced X-Carve Work-Top


Final fiting

Check the final fitting


Make the App within Easel for Dovetails

I’m no programmer, but I’m willing to put the time to attempt to make an app to be able to make the cutting paths within Easel. I’m not sure it there is anyone within this community that has the experience to do it, or if Inventible is willing to develop it.

Thanks for looking at my project, I would love to hear your feedback.


Jawad Saadi
Future Project, Half Blind Dovetail
Jawad Saadi
Kanz Majdalawi
always proud of you :)
Kanz Majdalawi
Cody Thibodeaux
what cut path is recommened
Cody Thibodeaux