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Magnetic Key Rack

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Nick Brewer

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Nick Brewer

General Information

This is a very simple key rack made out of walnut, Milliput, and a few 3/4" ceramic magnets.

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Cut on X-Carve - Fill "KEYS" with Milliput

10 minutes

Super easy, cut out the design on the x-carve.

I then mixed up just enough Milliput and crammed it into the “KEYS” until it was pushed into the entire face.

About 12 hours later I sanded off the excess and was left with really crisp lines.


Drill Holes For Magnets

5 minutes

I used six 3/4" ceramic magnets I picked up from Home Depot for a few bucks.

Using a forstner bit on my drill press I drilled down enough so the magnets would sit flush with the bottom of the face.

Super glue or epoxy the magnets into place.