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Life is an Ocean

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Dave Sanek

Project by

Dave Sanek
Canton, GA

General Information

A fragment of the chorus of the song “The Voyage” by Celtic Thunder, the words convey meaning to all who have ever loved. The project uses 1/4" baltic birch and is painted and top coated with MinWax satin lacquer. The project also used the Offsetter App to create the frame around the words.

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15 minutes

After securing the material*, carve the text using either the 60 degree or 90 degree V-bit. Adjust feed and depth of cut to suit your needs and level of confidence.

*NOTE: I use the tape and CA method of securing the material to a sacrificial spoil board so I do not use the Tabs feature. If you choose to use tabs, make sure that they are located on areas that will permit ease of sanding once removed.


Off set cut

Using the 1/16" fishtail mill end, cut away the offset frame set. Again, you can set the feed and depth of cut to suit your confidence.