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Laser Cut Snowflake Ornaments

Astrida Valigorsky

Project by

Astrida Valigorsky

General Information

A couple of great snowflake ornaments made from Radiant Acrylic! These look amazing on a tree or any dark background. Made with an Epilog 35 Watt lasercutter, however it would be possible to make them with a shapeoko.
Files to make this project are available here for non-commercial use.

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Material Description Price
Radiant Acrylic

Radiant Acrylic

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/8 in

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1. Do you have a lasercutter? Or a shapeoko?

Note what the device type you’re going to cut this on IS.


2. Obtain the proper file for your device from the Author

Files are posted here, but if you need something a little different for the machine you’ll cut things on, you’re welcome to email the author for modifications.


3. Make Your Cuts

The file size of the document sent is based on the smallest size material here (8×12 plexi). There are 8 snowflakes of varying sizes in the file. You may need to modify it before you make your cuts if you have more material.


4. Hang your Ornaments

The design of the ornaments has small holes to thread wire or nylon thread hangers through it.