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Krenov-style handplane

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Paul Jenkins

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Paul Jenkins

General Information

A krenov style handplane, a small blockplane or smoother.

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in

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1 minute


  • 12mm (1/2") ply
  • 34mm Block plane blade – other sizes are fine, it’ll just require adjustments on your plywood layers.
  • Wood glue (if you’re not planning on submerging your plane, Titebond I is just fine!)
  • 6mm dowel,
  • 1/2" dowel
  • 80 grit sandpaper


  • 1/2" drill bit
  • Drill


Open the Project in Easel

5 minutes

Open the project in Easel. Depending on the thickness of your ply and the thickness of your plane blade, you may need to adjust how many layers you need, or if you need a layer to be thinned down.

There are two outside pieces and six (two of each side) inside pieces – adjust the grey inside pieces to compensate for your blade width.

ie Blade width is 34mm, using 12.7mm ply = 38.1mm. Reduce one inside layer by 4.1mm

Set up your material and secure it tightly to the wasteboard.



60 minutes

I used a 1/8" straight flute, sit back and.. wait.


Drill cross pin

  • Dry fit one outside piece with one inside layer (both pieces).
  • Place your blade and wedge on the ramp, and mark where to drill for the cross pin. This should be far enough up to allow the wedge to slide and tighten on it
  • Disassemble, reassemble both outside pieces and hold together with the dowels.
  • Drill out for the 1/2" cross pin



30 minutes

Apply glue to the inside layers (both sides) only – try to avoid getting any glue in the ramp area.



Install the blade and wedge. The blade currently should not poke through, but retract it a little bit back up the plane.

Tape some 80grit sandpaper to a flat surface (a table saws cast iron surface, a block of marble, etc), and sand until the mouth opening is wide enough that you can get the blade through and the sole of the plane is flat.


Make shavings

Vrooooooooooooooom! Your new hand plane should be ready to go! If you want, use sandpaper or a rasp/file to provide additional smoothing to the edges, and finish it with boiled linseed oil

Zac Codner
Nice project. I plan on having this be one of my first projects once my X Carve gets here.
Zac Codner
Matt Slaga
Looks like the easel project was not shared publicly yet. I'd like to look closer, looks like a nice design!
Matt Slaga