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iPhone 6 Dock and Acoustic Amplifier

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Simon Matthews

Project by

Simon Matthews
Danbury, USA

General Information

Inspired by Warren Downes CNC project making a passive amplifier for your phone that actually works with an X-Carve CNC machine.

This was drawn 100% in Easel.

Here is a link to the second Easel file for the base of the dock:

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General Information

90 minutes

Unfortunately I can’t take a picture of my iPhone in the dock, because I need my iPhone to take the pictures. :)

This was carved from a piece of 2×6 dimensional Cedar that was milled to a thickness of 1.4". Cedar is not a great material for CNC’ing since it has a tendency to tear out, but it’s what I had lying around.

To carve the main body you must extend your carving bit to be greater than the maximum cut depth. In my case the bit was extended to appx. 1.45" this was a very tight carve. It was carved with a Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill. To be clear this means that the bit would be extended a little too far, but it mostly worked for me.

Happy Carving.

There is a second Easel file for cutting out a base to allow a charger cable to pass under.

Peter Hanse
This looks great. Was it setup for Standard Size I-phone 6 or for the 6+
Peter Hanse
Sharon Riley
Sharon Riley