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Interlocking Tree Candlesticks

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Sam Alaimo

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Sam Alaimo

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Learn how to turn any shape into a interlocking candlestick!

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Material Description Price
White Expanded PVC Sheet

White Expanded PVC Sheet

8" × 12" × 1/4" White Expanded PVC Sheet


from Inventables


Pick a shape and pick a candle

5 minutes

Check out this Easel Live episode to follow along making your own!

I used a tree shape for this project, but you could choose most shapes to do this. You can make a shape with the tools in Easel or import a an image from the web.

Once you know what shape you would like to use, you need to know what candle you would like to use.

Most tea light candles are 1.5" wide, and most long candle sticks are .85", but you should use a set of calipers to make sure the candles you would like to use will fit snug.


Create candle pocket + combine

5 minutes

Use a pair of calipers to measure the candle.

Create a square. Make the width of the square the same as the candle width.

Place the square on the top center of the shape.

Highlight both items and go to “file” > “combine”


Interlocker app

2 minutes

Highlight you design and select “app” and find the “interlocker” tool.

Makes sure you make the “notch” the exact same as the material you will carve (use calipers). Make sure you change the bit size to the bit you will use.

Select import.

Delete the original shape or place it in a new file to save it.

Now make sure the material and bit size is correct for what you want to use and cut it out!

Marie Meyer
Love it, hope to see more live chat in soon to 2018
Marie Meyer