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How to make balsa wood gliders using Easel

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Making balsa wood gliders is super easy, and there’s a ton of room for experimentation in flyability.

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How to make a balsa wood glider on the X-Carve with Easel

These gliders are super quick and easy to make and provide lots of easy experimentation to get the best flight time.


Design fuselage, wing and stabilizer

I just made up a design off the top of my head that actually flew pretty well, but a little research will give you the best shapes and relative sizes to get the most out of your glider.


Cut the pieces out

5 minutes

I cut the fuselage out of 3/32" balsa and the wing & stabilizer from 1/16" balsa. Be sure to use tabs when cutting these out. The tabs can easily be trimmed with a utility knife.


Assemble and decorate!

5 minutes

The pieces slide right together so the assemble is super fast, but make sure you decorate the glider first to make it look awesome in flight!

Toto Titi
this horrible. IS that a joke ?
Toto Titi
Kyle Peacock
Thank you for posting this project. I have the same problem. 8 kids and a party. This is exactly what I bought my X-carve for - to be able to make memories and teach kids about life and making. Thank you for taking the time to post this video.
Kyle Peacock
Zach Kaplan
We made a bunch of gliders and flew them around the office. It was a lot of fun.
Zach Kaplan
Robert Smith
I expanded the size of the main wing and it worked a lot better.
Robert Smith