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Holiday Stamps for Gifts, Cards, and More

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Mo Stych

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Mo Stych

General Information

These linoleum stamps make DIY holidays easy!

Use standard stamping inks to make greeting cards or colorful wrapping paper. Fabric inks can be used to customize gifts like koozies, clothing, kitchen towels, and countless other projects.

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8" × 10" Linoleum Block


Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill

Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill

Quantity: 1, Shank Diameter: 1/8 in, Cutting Diameter: 1/8 in


from Inventables



60 minutes

Stamps are one of my absolute favorite projects because they’re so versatile.

I use Speedball fabric inks if I am stamping any kind of fibrous textile. Otherwise, you can stick with standard inks for paper projects.

Have fun!


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Want to learn how to use Easel’s Stamp Maker app? I thought you’d never ask!

We have a helpful Easel Live video that will answer all your stamp questions and show you how to use this helpful app.


Set up stamp

15 minutes

Use the Easel file in this project to move the current holiday stamp elements around or add your own designs. You can change the size of the stamp elements, add lines to separate the block into individual stamps, or add new designs to the file before carving.

If you plan on using the bit to split the one piece into multiple stamps, make sure you add lines that cut through the entire piece of linoleum.

Note: the design is set up so that I could cut out the stamps using a bandsaw or jigsaw from a single block of linoleum. See more details in step #4.



40 minutes

Carve the Easel file using either a straight-cut bit or a downcut bit.

Using an upcut bit will give you little linoleum burrs that are annoying to remove, so avoid using an upcut bit if possible.


Cut linoleum block into separate stamps

The current Easel file is set up so that I could cut out the stamps using a bandsaw or jigsaw from a single piece of linoleum. This saves carving time because the saw separates the stamps into separate elements rather than using the bit to carve the separate stamps.

After the block is all carved, carefully cut each shape into its own section using a jigsaw or bandsaw.