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Heart Puzzle (5pc)

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Jake Wishau

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Jake Wishau

General Information

Great Christmas gift! Birds Eye Maple veneer on top of Purple Heart. Both woods glued together, then carved just deeper than the veneer to allow the purple heart to show through.

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Preparing your wood

For this ornament you can just use plywood, but what fun is that!? The woods I chose were based on what I thought would look great and what I had on hand. That would be 1/8" think Purple Heart and 1/16" Birds Eye Maple. I knew I wanted the puzzle pieces to be light, with the space between each piece being dark for contrast. So with that in mind, I glued the Birds Eye Maple to the Purple Heart and waited a day for it to dry.


Customize the design

Now open the design in Easel and you can change all the text to adjust to your friends/family. The home is centered on the piece, not in the bottom left corner. Keep this in mind when setting the wood down on the waste board and homing the machine.

Set the depth of cut to just deeper than the veneer or top wood/material. Remember you want to carve into the other material to see the different woods. I used a 1/32" bit at 0.025" depth per pass at 35in/min. Took about 15min.



Once you engrave the piece, cut it out using the heart found in the Icon section. Lock the height and width dimensions, and set the width to 3.75". Cut on the outside of the line and you are all set.

I added a small circle and square to the top so I had a spot outside of the heart to drill a hole for a ribbon to hang the ornament.

Then sand and seal to your preference.